The Sky Collection-Sterling Silver Necklaces and Sterling Silver Earrings

The Sky Collection was inspired by my fascination with visual aspects of all states of the sky, both night and day, with the naked eye and through telescopes. The sun, the stars forming the milky way. The planets and moons. The shooting stars and the comets. The designs in the collection use sterling silver, 14k gold over sterling silver and Swarovski crystal. The Sky Collection includes sterling silver necklaces and sterling silver brace lets.

The following poem by Arthur Longley express in words what the Sky Collection tries hard to express in affordable jewelry that is fun to wear, sterling silver necklaces and sterling silver earrings.

Stars at night they twinkle
Afar and burning bright
Each a source of wonder
Standing bright amidst the night

We pay them small attention
For they are always there
We go about our business
With but a single care

But then there are the comets
Bright and racing past
Everyone takes notice
Even if they do not last

It’s what people remember
The dramatic burning light
That stands out on the landscape
And brightens up the night

Poem by Arthur Longley