• Two-toned mesh dangle earrings and multi strand necklace

High Style In-Fashion Design 

Susan Silver has designed jewelry for Sarah Jessica Parker which was cited in Mademoiselle Magazine in an article about Sarah Jessica Parker and the sterling silver necklace she wore on the television show, Sex and the City. The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation recently chose Susan’s sterling silver bracelets, sterling silver necklaces and sterling silver earrings  for their fund raising campaign for breast cancer awareness. Susan also created jewelry worn by super model Iman to advertise her make-up. Susan continues her relationship with the television and movie industry allowing her to be on the cutting edge of new jewelry trends. Her jewelry continues to be worn by characters in television shows and movies. Her most recent collection includes a beautiful line of Bridal Jewelry. Susan exhibits her line at the Las Vegas International Jewelry Show, the Atlanta Jewelry Show and the Jewelers of America Jewelry Shows in New York.